The assembly of the Tornado installation at the assembly workshop of the Vortex plant

The typical «Tornado» installation has a 2-year warranty, it is certified, provides for the methodical support of the manufacturer, the departure of qualified personnel to the site of operation, training of personnel, commissioning, installation of special lines for specific tasks, software, automatic control systems ACS).

Vortex lines

Blanking plot and metal structure

There is a whole assortment of necessary metal rolling and blanks, stainless steel and super-hard materials. Having received the technical assignment, provides cutting and disclosure of blanks by a group method. For this, laser and waterjet cutting are used. Cutting and disclosure of the material into blanks for each part separately within the same sorter, in succession from larger sizes of blanks to smaller ones is produced in the workshop. 

Machining section

The mechanical workshop performs work on cutting, turning, milling, grinding machining of parts on universal machines and numerically controlled machine tools (CNT). The existing park of equipment covers all directions of machining. The presence of the CNT machines allows processing samples and parts with high accuracy.

Powder Metallurgy Workshop

Equipped with vacuum and heat treatment equipment, industrial modern installations for various types of sintering and pressing of micro- and nano powders. The workshop produces the responsible parts of the Tornado installations – from the impellers of the cyclones, to the resonators of the working chamber.

Locksmith and welding sites 

Equipped with all necessary equipment from grinding and drilling to gas, electric arc and argon-arc welding.

Assembly and testing shop 

Assembly and initial testing of the “TORNADO” units are conducted for their further use. The workshop includes a picking warehouse, an assembly department with “parts washing” sites, washing products, testing, painting, packaging and marking departments.

The Technical control department (TCD) 

Independent division that performs independent control over the conformity of products to the established requirements and guarantees this conformity to the consumer. The technical control department is subordinated to the top management of the company, which ensures independence of control from production sites.

Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis

The laboratory performs research on the chemical composition of various objects using modern instrumental analytical methods. It has a complex of modern analytical equipment from leading world manufacturers.

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