The newest TOR-Technology

An Engineering company “VORTEX Engineering ltd.” was created by combining the design-engineering department, laboratories and technological units of TORtec Group in 2016 under the aim of achieving industrial engineering, design, maintenance and support of a complex technology by the code name “TORNADO”.

By the time of creation, the team of experts and scientists has accumulated a rich experience in scientific and practical importance in the applications of “Tornado” technologies that include:

  • Mining
  • Biotechnology
  • Processing of secondary resources
  • Production of metallic and ceramic micro and nanopowders,
  • Laser and plasma metallurgy
  • Activated components of mortars and concretes
  • Polymers
  • Carbon materials, etc.

By the time of the company’s organization, eleven industrial models of resonant vortex units (lines) «TORNADO» were designed for purposes of disintegration, activation and functionalization of rocks and mineral raw materials, superhard materials, biomass, polymers, oxides, carbides, metals and multicomponent mixtures with nanostructuring. The technology for the disclosure of crystals of ore and beneficiation of columbite (tantalum-niobium), quartzites (including gold), shale graphite (platinum); ilmenite and titanium-magnetite (titanium oxide), pyrite cinder (copper, rare earth metals, and a number of anthropogenic dumps of the mining industry from more than 20 countries was obtained; A mobile mining installation “Tornado-M” was established with the capacity of 1 ton/hour of ore and concentrates; More than 40 types of metallic micro powders, micro powders of ceramics, abrasives, composites and polymers, new materials, nanostructured materials and functionalized carbon nanostructures were produced.

The company is the general contractor of the research institute SRI TP (, which initiated the creation of high-tech industries:

A plant for the production of metal micro powders and metal powders, magnetic powders, and special powders for 3D printing;

A biotechnological plant for the production of biologically active substances (BAS) from plant material, for means of biological plant protection and biologically active additives;

A plant for deep processing of lignin-containing raw materials, new polymers, materials, bioactive substances and biofuels;

A plant producing mineral micro powders, pigments, non-metallic powders for 3D printing, the activated and functionalized mixes, admixtures for concrete.

Our team refers with great responsibility to the fulfilment of the tasks desired by the Customer, applies an individual approach in each case, with the scientific support of the creative and technical potential. We accompany your creation, throughout the life cycle of the project.

We are open for cooperation!